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 **Fund the project!**\\  **Fund the project!**\\ 
 [[:start#funding|{{:paypal_pay.png|Pay through PayPal}}]] [[:start#funding|{{:bitcoin_pay_191x37.png|Send Bitcoins}}]]\\ \\  [[:start#funding|{{:paypal_pay.png|Pay through PayPal}}]] [[:start#funding|{{:bitcoin_pay_191x37.png|Send Bitcoins}}]]\\ \\ 
-==== Atlantis (game) ==== 
-**Description:** Porting project to bring Atlantis to AmigaOS 4\\  
-**Target system:** AmigaOS 4\\  
-**Status:** 60% done\\  
-Atlantis is a text based trade and exploration game written for DOS. The game is in Finnish but the Amiga port will be in English.\\  
-**Screenshots:**\\ \\  
-**Fund the project!**\\  
-[[:start#funding|{{:paypal_pay.png|Pay through PayPal}}]] [[:start#funding|{{:bitcoin_pay_191x37.png|Send Bitcoins}}]]\\ \\  
 ==== Utilities ==== ==== Utilities ====