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  • 14⋅Sep⋅2020: Commodore 16 tune
    New A famous baroque tune by Händel has been released for the Commodore 264 Series. I wrote it for testing my new music routine's vibrato and volume slide effects.
  • 17⋅Nov⋅2019: New server
    From now on my site can be found from here: www.janne.peraaho.kapsuuli.net. My RSS feed URL has changed, too. If you're subscribing to the feed, please renew your subscribtion.
  • 18⋅Dec⋅2018: "Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead" for AmigaOS 4
    I've wrapped the Goblin Grotto's arcade puzzle game Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead for AmigaOS 4. The AmigaOS 4 version runs on the Szilárd Biró's EasyRPG Player port. If you feel like supporting AmigaOS 4 developers, please make a donation to him. The AmigaOS 4 Grimps release contains two adventures: Squeaking of the Dead and A Christmas Puzzle. The game is available now on OS4Depot.
  • 18⋅Jul⋅2018: The AmigaOS4 documentation project

    AmigaOS Documentation Wiki is the official AmigaOS4 documentation for users and developers. It's maintained by volunteers like myself from the AmigaOS4 developers' and beta-testers' community. Since we are volunteers and we don't get paid for updating the documentation, many parts of the documentation are still out of date, after all these years, containing information from the Classic Amiga era.

    My contributions to the wiki are mainly in the ARexx manual (the complete list of all my contributions can be found here). I've for example written 4 new chapters to the manual, added new appendixes, and verified that the whole ARexx manual is now up to date. Next I will focus on the AmigaDOS and Python manuals. The AmigaDOS manual needs updating and that's what I've been doing. The first target is to bring the AmigaDOS Command Reference chapter up to date and then the rest of the AmigaDOS manual.

    Python was introduced into AmigaOS4, and no Python manual written from the AmigaOS perspective exists. I intend to change that. I've created a Python manual skeleton in the wiki and I will slowly add content there. Hopefully the other volunteer writers will also contribute to the Python manual.

    Writing and updating manuals is not new to me, since I have background in technical writing and experience in producing commercial level documentation. If you find my efforts in updating and extending the AmigaOS4 documentation important, send me encouraging messages, wishes, and you can even donate money. Thank you!

  • 3⋅Jul⋅2017: PowerSelect is available again
    The shopping cart problem effecting PowerSelect's availability has been resolved. You can get this handy icon selector tool now just for €3.99!


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